“Visiting Lenoir Orthopédie is more like visiting friends than having a medical appointment: the atmosphere is always very friendly. There is however a lot more to Lenoir Orthopédie than that.

“I’ve got to know them well over the years, I’ve been going there since 2006. I’ve been to many other prosthetists in different parts of the world, in the 26 years that I have been an amputee. Of all of those, Lenoir Orthopédie is the best practice I have been to, for several reasons:

  • Their approach is to provide solutions rather than just fit prosthetic components. They spend a lot of time understanding my needs and these have been many and diverse. They include getting a good and comfortable socket fit, which is not easy with my amputation; fine tuning my running leg; protecting my hands from slalom gates when ski racing; finding a way to charge my prosthesis while on safari and helping me walk comfortably in my dress shoes (those I wear with a suit).
  • They are always open to suggestions. My comments are never taken as criticism but rather as ideas. Sometimes they lead to improvements and sometime not but are never dismissed.
  • The team is very interested in and aware of the latest technological developments in the field. I am very interested in this too and we’ve been to several events together to learn about the latest products. This helps enormously in choosing the products best suited for my needs from the huge range available.
  • I believe it very important to understand my prosthesis and how I walk with it. Christian and his team have taught me a lot in this respect and always supported me when I adjust my legs myself. This has led to mutual trust which, in my view, is the basis of a good relationship between prosthetist and amputee.

I have benefited enormously from being a patient of Lenoir Orthopédie. Thank you Christian, Valérie, David and the rest of the team.”

Sur le plan technique

de tous les jours

Genou C-Leg, pied Axtion, emboîture à ischion intégré, liner Iceross Synergy à accrochage distal.

Prothèse de sport

Genou 3R46 et lame Sprinter.

Lenoir Succursale de Daniel Robert Orthopédie SA